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Appalachian Trail Food: Favorite Meals From Our Thru Hike

Hiking the Appalachian Trail is hard enough.  Finding food that is cheap, delicious, and calorie-dense, while also obtainable at the limited resupply options along the trail is another issue.   In this post we’ve described some of our favorite Appalachian Trail food and meals that helped us reach Katahdin.

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Backpacking Munchies

Nadine and I have been traveling for more than three months now and we thought it would be fun to give you some insight on how we’ve been sustaining ourselves while out in the wilderness.  It’s been important for us to identify meals that are calorie dense, yet light enough for us to efficiently carry on our backs when on a long trek through the woods.  This severely limits our options and, in many cases, increases the price of food substantially.  In this post we’ll describe some of the options that have become staples in our diet without breaking the bank.

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